Rabu, 14 Januari 2015

Detecting What People Do With the Computer

Do you suspicious with what your wife do in front of the computer? Do you want to check the instant messages of your teenage girl? Do you want to protect your kids from the online porn? If you said yes to all the questions, it means that you need the key logger.

Key logger is the device in the form of USB flash disk that can be inserted in the personal computer or laptop to detect what people did with the computer. You can easily check the websites your kids are visiting, the content of instant message your teenage girl was doing, and the suspicious activity that your wife doing while online. It can also be used to track what the employees do during the company hours. It can be easily used; it can even be used to know the password in the computer. By using the device, you can track what people do with the laptop without leaving any evidence or proof that you have investigated the personal computer or laptops.

However, you cannot use the device as you wish because you must appreciate the privacy each person has with their online activities. You must wisely use the device to protect your loved ones from the danger of the online activities.

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